🎉ICONPOOL P-REP is live🎉

🎉ICONPOOL P-REP is live🎉

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We are pleased to announce that ICONPOOL would be joining as a Community P-rep to participate in the governance of the ICON Ecosystem.

Our goal is to help build the DEFI ecosystem on the ICON network by contributing to the active development of AMM and other DEFI Dapps.

We have been developing on ICON since April 2020, initially helping other P-rep teams with their Dapp development and for the past few months we have been developing ICONPOOL AMM. We plan to introduce a range of DEFI tools and dapps on ICX and collaborate with other teams to make ICON a thriving ecosystem.

We deeply believe in the technological superiority of ICON and want to help improve the public chain ecosystem by contributing as DEFI developers.

Long term goals —

  • Building a wider and more collaborative DEFI ecosystem on ICON.
  • Have Liquidity pools with better liquidity on ICONPOOL.
  • Empower ICONists to easily create DEFI projects and have the essential tools available to make progress faster.

About Us —

Blockdevs is a group of seasoned crypto developers and enthusiasts. We formed Blockdevs out of our passion to build crypto dapps and other applications. We were a group of Ethereum/ Tron developers who got together out of passion and necessity and started building dapps for fun and profit.

While assisting other PRep teams with their dapp development, we realized the great potential and opportunity ICX has to offer and decided to get involved more deeply in the ecosystem, and hence ICONPOOL is born.

Help ICONPOOL bring DEFI to ICON — Please consider voting ICONPOOL P-rep team.

Website — ICONPOOL.io

About us — Blockdevs.co

Telegram — Iconpool


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